This place was really really good. I picked the taro milk tea which was incredible! My fiancè ordered a mango milk tea- also delicious! You get to pick which type of boba to add to your beverages and how much. I also really enjoy that they offer stainless steel straws for sale! They have cute sets available that come with 1 large boba straw and 2 regular sized drinking straws. The set also includes a convenient pipe straw cleaner. We will absolutely be returning- tomorrow LOL! Its really that good. I highly recommend stopping and getting one or two. The customer service was also nice. The prices are good as well. The location is in a shopping center strip that has plenty to offer.
Missed having bubble tea in Michigan, was so happy to find this place! Got the strawberry smoothie. Love being able to put whatever bubbles or jellies I want into it. So delicious! Fun atmosphere
This place is really clean. They had a great selection of different types of toppings. This is my 1st time here and the guy was really nice and really informative about what they had and what he would suggest for my tastes. I settled on mango milk tea slush, with bursting Passion fruit boba. It’s SOOO good! I’ll DEFINITELY be back❤
Great place! They really have a wide variety of flavors, teas, and additions. The person who took my order was extremely helpful and pleasant, as was everyone else there. My tea was delicious. We stayed and played board games they had while drinking our tea.
JessicaMarie Rabideau
Marta Scheenstra
Tessa Cullen
William Hurt